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Weather Gallery

by prineside

This gallery contains images from the GTA San Andreas game, made at different weather conditions and time of day. There are 256 different weather ID in Grand Theft Auto SA (0 to 255), with other values the weather is repeated (256 == 0, 257 == 1 ...). In total, this gallery weights about 187 Mb and contains 12.288 images - 256 weather ID for every in-game hour.

Weather ID can be used in SA-MP, RW-MP & MTA:SA as well as in any other mod for GTA:SA.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that some weather IDs do not work correctly (sometimes the screen completely covers the sky gradient or there are other problems). Typically, this happens only in a certain period of playing time, so it may be problematic to find an issue. You can hide problematic weather in this gallery, there will be left only the weather that is working properly at any time.

Hover over any thumbnail weather to quickly see the weather for game day. To view the weather ID in high resolution by the time of day, click on any thumbnail. Convenient player allows you to view the weather of the GTA SanAndreas at any time.