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ANY valid object model can be used for pickups. Here are a few of the more common ones.

Pickup model IDs

Pickups model 954.jpg

Model ID: 954
Model Name: cj_horse_Shoe

Pickups model 1210.jpg

Model ID: 1210
Model Name: briefcase

Pickups model 1212.jpg

Model ID: 1212
Model Name: Money

Pickups model 1239.jpg

Model ID: 1239
Model Name: info

Pickups model 1240.jpg

Model ID: 1240
Model Name: health

Pickups model 1241.jpg

Model ID: 1241
Model Name: adrenaline

Pickups model 1242.jpg

Model ID: 1242
Model Name: bodyarmour

Pickups model 1247.jpg

Model ID: 1247
Model Name: bribe

Pickups model 1248.jpg

Model ID: 1248
Model Name: bonus

Pickups model 1252.jpg

Model ID: 1252
Model Name: barrelexpos

Pickups model 1253.jpg

Model ID: 1253
Model Name: camerapickup

Pickups model 1254.jpg

Model ID: 1254
Model Name: killfrenzy

Pickups model 1272.jpg

Model ID: 1272
Model Name: property_locked

Pickups model 1273.jpg

Model ID: 1273
Model Name: property_fsale

Pickups model 1274.jpg

Model ID: 1274
Model Name: bigdollar

Pickups model 1275.jpg

Model ID: 1275
Model Name: clothesp

Pickups model 1276.jpg

Model ID: 1276
Model Name: package1

Pickups model 1277.jpg

Model ID: 1277
Model Name: pickupsave

Pickups model 1279.jpg

Model ID: 1279
Model Name: craigpackage

Pickups model 1310.jpg

Model ID: 1310
Model Name: pikupparachute

Pickups model 1313.jpg

Model ID: 1313
Model Name: killfrenzy2plyr

Pickups model 1314.jpg

Model ID: 1314
Model Name: twoplayer

Pickups model 1318.jpg

Model ID: 1318
Model Name: arrow

Pickups model 1550.jpg

Model ID: 1550
Model Name: CJ_MONEY_BAG

Pickups model 1575.jpg

Model ID: 1575
Model Name: drug_white

Pickups model 1576.jpg

Model ID: 1576
Model Name: drug_orange

Pickups model 1577.jpg

Model ID: 1577
Model Name: drug_yellow

Pickups model 1578.jpg

Model ID: 1578
Model Name: drug_green

Pickups model 1579.jpg

Model ID: 1579
Model Name: drug_blue

Pickups model 1580.jpg

Model ID: 1580
Model Name: drug_red

Pickups model 1581.jpg

Model ID: 1581
Model Name: keycard

Pickups model 1582.jpg

Model ID: 1582
Model Name: pizzabox

Pickups model 1636.jpg

Model ID: 1636
Model Name: rcbomb

Pickups model 1644.jpg

Model ID: 1644
Model Name: lotion

Pickups model 1650.jpg

Model ID: 1650
Model Name: petrolcanm

Pickups model 1654.jpg

Model ID: 1654
Model Name: dynamite

Pickups model 1672.jpg

Model ID: 1672
Model Name: Gasgrenade

Pickups model 2228.jpg

Model ID: 2228
Model Name: CJ_SHOVEL

Pickups model 2690.jpg

Model ID: 2690
Model Name: CJ_FIRE_EXT

Pickups model 2709.jpg

Model ID: 2709
Model Name: Pain_Killer

Pickups model 2710.jpg

Model ID: 2710

Weapon pickups

321 - Regular Dildo
322 - White Dildo
323 - Vibrator
324 - Another Vibrator
325 - Flowers
326 - Cane
330 - CJ's Phone
331 - Brass Knuckles
333 - Golf Club
334 - Police Trungeon/Night Stick (Depending on where you're from)
335 - Combat Knife
336 - Baseball Bat
337 - Shovel
338 - Pool Cue
339 - Katana
341 - Chainsaw
342 - Frag Grenade
343 - Tear Gas Grenade
344 - Molotov Cocktail
346 - Colt 45 Pistol
347 - Silenced Colt 45 Pistol
348 - Desert Eagle
349 - Regular Shotgun
350 - Sawn-Off Shotgun
351 - SPAZ-12 Shotgun
352 - Mac-10 (Or Micro-UZI)
353 - MP5
354 - Hydra Flare
355 - AK47 Assault Rifle
356 - M4 Assault Rifle
357 - Country Rifle
358 - Sniper Rifle
359 - Rocket Launcher
360 - Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher
361 - Flamethrower
362 - Minigun
363 - Satchel Charges
364 - Detonator <---- Seemingly Useless.
365 - Spray Paint Can
366 - Fire Extinguisher
367 - Camera
368 - Night Vision Goggles
369 - Infra-Red Goggles
370 - Jetpack
371 - Parachute
372 - Tec-9

Available Pickup Types

Most other IDs are either undocumented or are similar to type 1 (but do not use them just because they seem similar to ID 1, they might have side-effects like ID 18 and 20).

Type Description
0 The pickup does not always display. If displayed, it can't be picked up and does not trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup and it will stay after server shutdown.
1 Exists always. Disables pickup scripts such as horseshoes and oysters to allow for scripted actions ONLY. Will trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup every few seconds.
2 Disappears after pickup, respawns after 30 seconds if the player is at a distance of at least 15 meters.
3 Disappears after pickup, respawns after death.
4 Disappears after 15 to 20 seconds. Respawns after death.
8 Disappears after pickup, but has no effect.
11 Blows up a few seconds after being created (bombs?)
12 Blows up a few seconds after being created.
13 Invisible. Triggers checkpoint sound when picked up with a vehicle, but doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
14 Disappears after pickup, can only be picked up with a vehicle. Triggers checkpoint sound.
15 Same as type 2.
18 Similar to type 1. Pressing Tab (KEY_ACTION) makes it disappear but the key press doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
19 Disappears after pickup, but doesn't respawn. Makes "cash pickup" sound if picked up.
20 Similar to type 1. Disappears when you take a picture of it with the Camera weapon, which triggers "Snapshot # out of 0" message. Taking a picture doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
22 Same as type 3.

Author : Alice