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Version 0.1.1 (03/12/2017)

  • Advanced actors
  • Controllable HUD
  • Better sync
  • Fixed exploits

Update 0.1.1-RC2 (05/12/2017)

  • Fixed a bug which caused game to crash after pressing Tab
  • Fixed a bug with mouse stucking at top-left screen corner
  • Fixed Alt+Tab bugs

Update 0.1.1-RC3 (05/12/2017)

  • Fixed problem with mouse when game paused
  • Updated Discord Rich Precense to 2.1.0
  • Updated RakNet to 4.081, fixed netcode exploits
  • Fixed a crash on tabbing with scoreboard
  • Fixed chat problems and messages buffer overflow
  • Fixed a mouse bug when player selected map in menu
  • Fixed a bug with Discord Rich Precense
  • Fixed a bug with null actor
  • Added plugin support (API you can find here
  • Added filterscript support
  • Fixed a server crash when server paused
  • Fixed invalid vehicle sync packets
  • Fixed GetPlayer* (Armor, Health, Score) group of functions
  • Fixed float params in print

Update 0.1.1-RC3-2 (03/01/2018)

  • Fixed a bug with Alt-Tab which caused game to crash
  • Fixed mod_sa detector
  • Fixed Discord Rich Presence
  • Fixed kill list
  • Fixed launcher
  • Fixed exploits
  • Fixed invalid packets

Version 0.1.2 (14/01/2018)

  • Up to 1000 players, 2000 objects and 700 vehicles per server.
  • Chat input limit raised to 256 symbols.
  • Improved sync, included interpolation
  • Vehicle streamer
  • Native pause menu
  • Many bug and crash fixes
  • Cyrillic support to server window
  • Many new scripting functions and callbacks

Version 0.1.2b (15/01/2018)

  • Fixed a problem with annoying message 'Preload models'
  • Fixed problem with application exit, Discord RA had some problems
  • More improvements with optimization

Version 0.1.2c (16/01/2018)

  • Fixed problem with incorrect chat
  • Fixed problems with freezes on game loading
  • Possible fix for russian language in documents path
  • Fixed OnPlayerSpawn callback
  • Fixed SetPlayerPos function

Version 0.1.2d (19/01/2018)

  • Fixed problem with Z vehicle coord
  • Fixed player's disappearence when player out of stream
  • Fixed screenshot's path with russian symbols
  • Fixed vehicle and players streaming
  • Hosted tab is now official
  • Fixed some access violations

Version 0.1.3a DP (05/02/2018)

  • Implemented ImGUI, made first dialogs using it
  • Fixed crashes with drown vehicles
  • Fixed crashes with chat and unstablility
  • Fixed object pool and object creating, now you can make more than 255 objects
  • Fixed annoying mouse stucking at screen corner, now we can control mouse
  • Improvements to make sync more stable without lags
  • Fixed bug with second 'Debug' window
  • More compatibility with Debian 8+ (for Linux server)